Frequently Asked Questions

Is this script free?

Yes. Free as in beer. Download it. Paste it into your page code. Use it on your site forever if you like. The script may be used by you gratis and may be modified by you for your own use with a couple limitations (see the Terms).  The script may not be redistributed or re-hosted.

Does this script include any kind of tracking?  Are you collecting my site data with this script?
Absolutely not.  Not at all.   The scripts do not collect any data from your site or visitors. Nor do the scripts share any data with our server or any other third party entities.  If you choose the Google Analytics integration during setup, the script will report a custom event to your (and only your) Google Analytics account. The scripts do what they say they do: They block users who block ads.

How do I use this script?

Just copy & paste the script in your page code, right before the closing </body> tag.

WordPress users, please note that you will need to paste the script within the “Appearance > Editor” menu item, most likely in your footer.php file, before the closing </body> tag.

What’s the difference between “nag mode” and “block mode” in the Customize options?  

Nag mode just asks the visitor once to white-list your site.  If the visitor presses the continue button on the block-screen, the block-screen will not appear again during that session.  It may appear during later sessions if the user visits using a different browser tab, or using a different browser.

What’s better between the two?

That’s totally your call.  “Nag” is recommended for most sites.  But many webmasters prefer to block ad-blockers entirely.

Will BlockAdblock recapture lost revenue?
This largely depends on your site and on your revenue model.  If your website generates revenue from traditional placement advertising, and you use “Nag” mode, our experience says yes.   In our own trials I have seen white-listing rates of over 50%, which is a significant recapture of lost, non-blocking viewers.  Of course, it also depends on how acceptable your ads are. If you’re using responsible, non-Flash, non-video ads you’ll see better success asking for white-listing.

Will BlockAdblock interfere with other scripts on my page?  

Not that has ever been reported in hundreds of feedback reports.  But if it happens to you, please use the bug report form!

Can I paste the script in the header of my page?  

Hesitantly, yes.  But it depends on your individual page architecture. The bottom of the page is better and offers more consistent performance.

Can I use script minifiers with BlockAdblock?

No. BlockAdblock uses custom obfuscation and encryption and doesn’t play nicely with most third-party minifiers. If you’re using Google PageSpeed’s “Minify Javascript” filter, here are some tips for getting Google PageSpeed to play nicely with BlockAdblock.

When I use the script, my ad-blocking plugin sometimes looks like it’s blocking lots of ads, even on pages with no ads. What’s going on?

The beta version has some additional advanced features used for detection. At no point does BlockAdblock actually attempt to load any real ads from any third party ad-servers. What you’re seeing is simply part of the advanced detection process and it is not related to any actual advertising images or scripts.


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