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adblock committee

The new Acceptable Ads committee. (And why it still won’t work)

Last week, Adblock Plus announced the first members of it’s “Acceptable Ads committee”. If all goes as planned, this newly appointed advertising politburo will decide for us which ads are deemed “acceptable”. Or more precisely, which ads should be filtered and which ads will not be filtered. These privately appointed commissars of the web will be structured […]

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3 ad tech terms

3 ad-tech terms you need to know: “Ad reinsertion”, “ad recovery” & “ad replacement”

Three new ad-blocking terms you’re going to be hearing a lot this year are “ad reinsertion“, “ad recovery” and “ad replacement“.  All three terms define technologies which circumvent ad blockers to deliver ads to the page. I’ve seen a few articles in the last few weeks conflate these three relatively new ad-tech concepts. So in the interest of […]

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adblocking problem may be underestimated

Is ad blocking growing faster than we think?

Remember a few months ago when ad execs were publicly hoping the threat of adblockers might not be as bad as we thought? There were theories that ad-blocking might be “self limiting” and may naturally slow on it’s own. As it turns out, that was wishful thinking. Last year’s ad blocking “plateau” Just last August,  the IAB reported that use […]

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