About BlockAdblock

What is this awesome thing, you ask? This is BlockAdblock.
BlockAdblock is a free, easy to use anti-adblock defense — with a code-generator which takes the programming ‘pain’ out of configuring ad-blocking countermeasures for your website.
BlockAdblock installs easily, plays nicely with other javascript and detects a wide variety of AdBlockers.  It also plays nicely with the Googlebot useragent to keep your SEO happy.

“Why” BlockAdblock?
Because the free web is important. Because free media is important.
Because the web ecosystem is threatened. And because just about every alternative method yet proposed will almost certainly fail. (Those who propose “middle ground” solutions disregard the obvious: No alternative solution can compete with free and ad-free.)
There will be (and can be) no middle ground as long as Adblock users have the best-possible option.
To move forward that option must be removed from the table.

Block Mode vs. Nag Mode:
BlockAdblock comes in two flavors:  Block mode, and Nag mode:
Block Mode:
You can think of ‘Block mode’ like a giant steel door slamming in someone’s face — which may be the appropriate action depending on how much ad blockers annoy you. It keeps ad blockers out completely until they whitelist your site.
Nag Mode:
“Nag mode” on the other hand, is more like a nice note next to an open door.  It bothers ad-blocking users only once per session, asking them to whitelist you.  If they don’t turn off their ad-blocker they can come in anyway.

100% Customizable with no programming experience required:
All of the text and colors are easily configurable in the BlockAdblock configurator.  Along with other options like on-screen copy, delay time, legal text and integration with Google Analytics.
If you have any more questions, you can check out the FAQ.
Lastly, you’re probably wondering who made this thing.
My name is James.  I live in Bangkok.  I make lots of online applications — like DomainLock JS script security,  Wordmetrics AI for content marketers and MindGamer.com free cognitive training by PhD neuroscientists.
Please feel free to drop me a line with ideas, problems, suggestions, fan mail or your best hate mail (I’m used to the latter).

A NOTE ON COPYCAT SITES:  It has come to my attention there are some less than honorable copycats who have cut portions of this site from whole cloth and copied them on their own site.   This is the original BlockAdblock.  While copying is said to be the sincerest form of flattery, some of these would-be flatterers are even charging for their services. To be clear: I have no affiliation with those sites. This is the original and there is no charge for use of BlockAdblock scripts.

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