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adblock committee

The new Acceptable Ads committee. (And why it still won’t work)

Last week, Adblock Plus announced the first members of it’s “Acceptable Ads committee”. If all goes as planned, this newly appointed advertising politburo will decide for us which ads are deemed “acceptable”. Or more precisely, which ads should be filtered and which ads will not be filtered. These privately appointed commissars of the web will be structured […]

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3 ad tech terms

3 ad-tech terms you need to know: “Ad reinsertion”, “ad recovery” & “ad replacement”

Three new ad-blocking terms you’re going to be hearing a lot this year are “ad reinsertion“, “ad recovery” and “ad replacement“.  All three terms define technologies which circumvent ad blockers to deliver ads to the page. I’ve seen a few articles in the last few weeks conflate these three relatively new ad-tech concepts. So in the interest of […]

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adblocking problem may be underestimated

Is ad blocking growing faster than we think?

Remember a few months ago when ad execs were publicly hoping the threat of adblockers might not be as bad as we thought? There were theories that ad-blocking might be “self limiting” and may naturally slow on it’s own. As it turns out, that was wishful thinking. Last year’s ad blocking “plateau” Just last August,  the IAB reported that use […]

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It’s been six months since China banned ad blockers. And?

Six months ago China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce raised eyebrows around the advertising world by banning ad blockers. Or at least that’s what everyone thought. Since then the legal follow-through hasn’t been nearly as dramatic as the legislation first suggested. The regulation, otherwise known as Article XVI of the “Interim Measures for Internet Advertising” seemed to suggest that distributing adblockers would be […]

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adblock plus court victory

What will it take to defeat adblocking in court?

Since last April, publishers have challenged Eyeo, Inc, maker of Adblock Plus six different times in court. They claim that both Eyeo’s “Acceptable Ads” program and adblocking itself are illegal under European law. After a total of six courtroom decisions, the current score is 0-6 in favor of Eyeo. Is it time for the publishing industry to give up? No. But it is […]

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Why fight Adblock? Ask Facebook.

Last week Facebook announced a blow-out quarter, raking in a whopping $7.01B in revenue. Facebook now has an incredible 1.66 billion monthly active users (or roughly 21% of the Earth’s population… every month). To some, Facebook’s soaring earnings came as a surprise. It was only two quarters ago that some analysts were pointing to the dark […]

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website terms of use

Addressing adblocking in your website ‘Terms of Use’ agreement

Most major websites today contain a “Terms of Use” page which defines acceptable site-usage by visitors. These legally binding agreements cover a broad range of issues including acknowledgement of copyright laws, codes of user conduct, use of sponsored content, and many other issues. But the issue of adblocking is seldom discussed. Why do so few websites address adblocking in their […]

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UK Adblocking hits 44%

Mediatel’s Connected Screens media and advertising survey is out and it paints a grim picture for ad-supported media: According to Mediatel, adblocking in the UK has now hit 44%.   As Mediatel reports: If we net these together, 44% have installed an adblocker on at least one of their connected devices. … You will have noticed that adblockers […]

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adblock circumvention

Adblockers don’t break the law. Except when they do.

Is it illegal to block ads? No. According to multiple court cases, the choice to filter your own http requests is legal and ultimately up to you. It’s your computer (or your mobile device). You have the right to decide which content and scripts enter your system. The best way to understand this right is that adblockers are basically “selective downloaders“. […]

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adblock model illegal

Adblock Plus’ business model ruled illegal by German court

  In a legal victory for German publisher Axel Springer, a German court has ruled that Adblock Plus’ can no longer charge the publisher fees for whitelisting its ads. Currently, Adblock Plus generates revenue via its “Acceptable Ads”  program which allows publishers to pay to bypass Adblock Plus’ ad filters. In order to participate in the Acceptable Ads program, […]

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