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BlockAdblock is an easy-to-use system for recapturing lost revenue from your website or blog

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BlockAdblock Features:


Use customizable settings to get the adblocking defense that's right for your site.


Use the visual settings editor to match the colors and branding of your website or blog.


BlockAdblock automatically obfuscates the code for an extra layer of protection.


Uses multiple detection strategies to detect a wide variety of ad blockers.


Creates a simple, well-designed 'block screen' to stop adblockers and encourage whitelisting.

Easy to

BlockAdblock's configuration settings require no programming skill to setup.

Sounds good to me.
I'm ready to stop losing revenue every day!

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Defending publishers worldwide

Over 11,000 publishers worldwide have installed BlockAdblock.

BlockAdblock has over 6,800 update subscribers, and growing.

Actively updated to defend
against top ad blockers:

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Threat Analysis

Scan Adblock Filters

Has your site been hit by specific, targeted filters?

Use our proprietary search engine to identify and analyze these threats as they develop.

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Need more anti-adblock power?

Our public beta is ready for testing and much more powerful. Please head over to the beta page if you're interested.

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