Troubleshooting for Publishers

information bubbleAre you a reader having trouble disabling your ad blocker and bypassing the Block Screen? Please check the Troubleshooting for Readers page.


Having some trouble getting BlockAdblock to work on your site?

Check here first…

Adblock isn’t being detected

Before getting started troubleshooting, please note that there are many ad-blockers in the marketplace using dozens of different ad-blocking methodologies.  Just because Adblock isn’t being detected on your current device, in your current browser, doesn’t mean that it isn’t being detected on other devices.  Many so-called “fast adblockers” get their speed boost by using only generic filtering techniques.  These may be successfully blocked, while slower, more bloated adblockers (cough, ABP, cough) manage to get past site defenses at a cost of performance.

With that out of the way, let’s get started…
First: Let’s check the obvious — Did you whitelist your own site? (Obvious, I know… but I get quite a few emails that deserve a facepalm for this one).
Second: Is the script embedded properly in the footer of all your site pages? (Particularly in the page you are testing on?) While the script can be used in places other than the footer, performance may depend on your particular page setup.  The script is tested only for use in the footer of the page.
Third: Are you using the advanced detection features? As of version 3.0/b there are now advanced detection features which add a secondary level of detection.  On the configure page, try adding the two features in the section marked with a beaker.
Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 7.37.35 PM
Still not working?  Maybe it’s time for an update. Please let me know what your issue is and where I can see it.

The script is throwing an error
If you are seeing errors in your console, the most likely explanation is you are using script minification like “minify JS”. BlockAdblock is already obfuscated and minified and some third-party, on-the-fly minifiers may break the code.
If you are using Blogger, please stay tuned for a Blogger compatible version of the script.

The block screen looks poorly styled on my mobile device

Show me please. This problem has largely been addressed, but may depend on your specific CSS code on your page, or on your particular framework. is throwing false positives

Please report this in detail.  This is a rarely reported event, but it’s one I address very rapidly.  Please let me know, and please provide me with a link to a site where I can observe this behavior.  Also please tell me if you are using any advanced/beta features on the configuration page. And please tell me which browser, app and platform you are experiencing this issue with.

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