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Customize your BlockAdblock defenses

BlockAdblock works "right out of the box" with the basic script, but you can easily configure defensive options and customize the 'block screen' for your site right here:

Configuration Options

The "block screen" is the screen-overlay that protects your site and asks users to whitelist you.

Block Mode

Select this mode if visitors must disable their ad blocker before continuing to your site.

Nag Mode

Select this mode to nag vistors just once before letting them continue to your site.

Time before the block screen appears

Sets the amount of time on a page before BlockAdblock displays
the 'block screen' to users who block ads.

default is 7 seconds
| 0 seconds
30 seconds |

Welcome Message and Site Name

Primary Message


Button Text

block screen preview

  Block Screen Background

  Block Screen Text Color

  Block Screen Button Color

  Block Screen Button Text Color

Unobtrusive BlockAdblock branding is included in a lower corner of the block screen.

If you are concerned about file-sizes and site-speed, you may opt to remove the branding image. Removing the branding image will reduce the script size by approximately 2k

Include referral tag to
I want to save 2kb! Remove the image and use just a small text link in the lower left corner.

Legal text included within the BlockAdBlock embedded code:

Note: This optional text will only appear in the page-source and will not appear on the block screen. Site visitors will not be shown this legal text.:

Leave this section blank if you do not wish to include a legal disclaimer above the embeddable page code.

Track ad blockers on your site with BlockAdblock and Google Analytics

You can optionally fire a custom Google Analytics event each time the block screen fires

Leave this section blank if you are unfamiliar with javascript coding Google Analytics events.

Pro tip: Make sure you place the tag after your Google Analytics tag if you want to track ad blockers

Warning: Errors here can prevent BlockAdblock from working altogether.

e.g: _gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'BlockAdblock', 'Yes', undefined, undefined, true]);

Enable Page Counting   (optional)

Page Counting will set a maximum number of pageviews that an adblock user can freely see before the "block screen" appears. You can enable Page Counting with either Block Mode or Nag Mode (above).

If Page Counting is not enabled, users will be blocked or nagged during their first pageview (which is the default).

max pageviews
| 1 page
9 pages |

Pro tip: Consider your average pageviews per visitor before setting this feature.

Current Setting

Advanced detection options:

These advanced options should be used in situations where Adblock detection fails due to specific filter list entries.

NOTE: Advanced options may create intentional errors in the web console (invisible to normal web users) as part of the detection process.


These options should not be necessary in most standard use cases. If your site visitors are bypassing the standard BlockAdblock screen, these features provide extra layers of defense.

Be aware that these are beta features. If you experience any issues please report them.

When should you use these features? Specifically, if your site has been hit by $generichide, $elemhide or any specific, targeted filter. (You can search for domain-specific filters for your site here.)

Add specific defenses for AdSense sites.
(Use *only* if your site uses AdSense.)

Add special element defense.
(Please test after installation to ensure compatibility with your site.)

Add Brave Browser detection.
(Requires special element defense above - forces noscript).

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