Troubleshooting for Readers

Are you still being blocked when you’ve already disabled your ad blocker?

Here are a few tips, and known-issues which will help you get past a Block Screen if you’ve already disabled your adblocker:
data privacy iconPrivacy Plugins

Many privacy plugins also function as ‘partial’ adblockers by blocking ad trackers. In some cases this may constitute “ad blocking” and trigger the blockscreen. If you’re using a separate privacy plugin, try whitelisting the site in your privacy plugin as well.

VPN iconAdvanced VPN’s

Are you using a VPN? Some VPN’s alter pages before sending them to your browser. They may compress javascript or in some cases may even block ads. If you’re using a VPN that compresses javascript or blocks ads at the proxy level you may have difficulty bypassing BlockAdblock until you disable your VPN — or turn off services which alter the publisher’s page content.

firewall icon
Corporate Firewalls that block ads

Are you behind a corporate firewall which blocks advertisements? Please contact your system administrator and explain the issue. Firewalls which block advertising scripts and some tracking services may constitute adblocking.

javascript iconNo javascript?

Are you blocking Javascript? Blocking Javascript can interfere with the function of thousands of websites, including webmail and interactive applications. It can also interfere with a publisher’s ability to provide service. If you have Javascript disabled, you will likely need to enable it in order to continue.

W iconWindscribe

Are you using Windscribe? According to user reports, Windscribe does not play nicely with BlockAdblock at this time. Many users have reported that even when sites are whitelisted, the Windscribe plugin may continue to trigger the Block Screen.  Please notify WindScribe if you are experiencing this issue.

If you’ve tried addressing all of the above and you’re still experiencing an issue accessing a website, please let us know.