This scary new form of advertising is "blowback" for ad blockers

Native advertising is scary stuff. Advertisers have now cross-bred advertising with journalism and created a weird hybrid baby that poses a real threat to our once-great institution of a free-press.
For those unfamiliar with what “native advertising” is, John Oliver sums it up beautifully in the video below.

John Oliver on Native Advertising:

But there’s a side story that seems to have been forgotten here: Native ads are a downstream effect of ad blocking. Ad blocking is indirectly decreasing journalistic integrity. This is something that should concern us all.
When, for example, 40% of German web users surf the web with some form of ad blocking enabled,  what choice does the media really have?  Publishers are now being forced to choose between journalistic integrity and their survival. And as we all know, publishers aren’t exactly killing it these days.
So, ad blockers, it only feels like you’re getting your news ad free. The ads are now insidiously invisible.

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