Understanding BlockAdblock "Page Counting"

With the release of version 4.0 beta, BlockAdblock includes the new Page Counting or “Number of Pages Before Blockscreen” feature.
There have been a few requests for clarification on how this works, so here’s a more detailed explanation:

Page Counting works two ways

Page Counting brings the option of displaying the BlockAdblock Block Screen after a specified number of pageviews.
Page Counting works differently depending on whether or not a site is using Block Mode or Nag Mode. These two basic modes can be set in the first area of the BlockAdblock Customizer.
block mode vs nag mode
If you’re using Block Mode: Under Block Mode, Page Counting will allow X number of pageviews before displaying the Block Screen to visitors with an adblocker enabled. At which point, the visitor will have to disable their adblocker in order to continue viewing the site.
If you’re using Nag Mode: Page Counting works a little differently under Nag Mode. The Block Screen will display every X number of pages as long as the visitor’s adblocker is enabled.  This is similar to the basic nag mode, but it doesn’t ‘nag’ on every pageview. Visitors can continue to view the site without disabling their adblocker, but they will continue to be nagged periodically.
Nag adblockers every x number of pages
While you can set the number of possible pageviews up to 9 at this time, it’s a good idea to consider your own average pageviews per visitor before setting this feature. Setting it far above your average PPV will result in most visitors never being nagged — which may or may not be the intended performance.