Apple pulls app from AppStore which hurts Apple’s revenue. Shock.

Well that was quick.  Seems like only yesterday we were predicting Apple would pull Been Choice from the AppStore:  The rapidly ascending new app not only blocked ads in the Safari web browser, but also pulled off the impressive feat of blocking ads in ad-supported apps downloaded from Apple’s AppStore. As we predicted, that didn’t fly […]

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This scary new form of advertising is “blowback” for ad blockers

Native advertising is scary stuff. Advertisers have now cross-bred advertising with journalism and created a weird hybrid baby that poses a real threat to our once-great institution of a free-press. For those unfamiliar with what “native advertising” is, John Oliver sums it up beautifully in the video below. John Oliver on Native Advertising: But there’s a side story that seems […]

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The creators of AdBlock Plus are raking in millions. (And pretending to be a start-up)

It’s hard to reconcile the public-relations “spin” coming from AdBlock Plus publisher Eyeo,  with the financial reality facing today’s independent publishers who are struggling for their very survival: To hear it from Eyeo,  the German company is just a struggling “start up”.  They’ve got a small browser plug-in called “AdBlock Plus” which renders-invisible all forms of Internet advertising, and […]

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