Axel Springer Blocks Adblockers

Publisher Axel Springer blocks adblockers. Is the war beginning?

One of Germany’s largest publishers, Axel Springer just joined the ranks of those who block adblock. As of right now, visitors to Bild, one of Europe’s best-selling tabloids will now be required to shut down their adblocker in order to access the website. Alternatively, visitors have the option of becoming paid subscribers at a rate of €2.99 […]

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Adblockers say, “Find a better business model.” But can you really?

I was reading through several adblocking forums this morning and I kept seeing the same basic comment over and over again: “Ads suck.  Go find another business model“. Sounds easy. But is there really another business model that works? Let’s be clear, since the dawn of publishing periodicals there have really been only two business models: […]

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Apple pulls app from AppStore which hurts Apple’s revenue. Shock.

Well that was quick.  Seems like only yesterday we were predicting Apple would pull Been Choice from the AppStore:  The rapidly ascending new app not only blocked ads in the Safari web browser, but also pulled off the impressive feat of blocking ads in ad-supported apps downloaded from Apple’s AppStore. As we predicted, that didn’t fly […]

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This scary new form of advertising is “blowback” for ad blockers

Native advertising is scary stuff. Advertisers have now cross-bred advertising with journalism and created a weird hybrid baby that poses a real threat to our once-great institution of a free-press. For those unfamiliar with what “native advertising” is, John Oliver sums it up beautifully in the video below. John Oliver on Native Advertising: But there’s a side story that seems […]

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The creators of AdBlock Plus are raking in millions. (And pretending to be a start-up)

It’s hard to reconcile the public-relations “spin” coming from AdBlock Plus publisher Eyeo,  with the financial reality facing today’s independent publishers who are struggling for their very survival: To hear it from Eyeo,  the German company is just a struggling “start up”.  They’ve got a small browser plug-in called “AdBlock Plus” which renders-invisible all forms of Internet advertising, and […]

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